How to Create and Launch Your GPT on OpenAI’s GPT Store + Bonus Email Course!

Kenneth Lo, PMP
2 min readJan 25, 2024

Ever thought about crafting your own AI masterpiece? Now’s your shot.

OpenAI just rolled out the GPT Store, enabling both tech gurus and beginners to create personalized AI assistants.

What’s the Buzz About?

  • Your Own GPT Creation: Whether for simplifying tasks or exploring new ideas, it’s now all possible at
  • The GPT Store Adventure: Imagine a place brimming with creative GPTs made by folks just like you. That’s the GPT Store for you — a hub for sharing and discovering unique GPTs.
  • Perks for Plus Members: A heads-up — making your own GPTs is a privilege for Plus or Enterprise subscribers. But hey, the bright side? You get to tinker with other amazing GPT creations too!

Why You Should Care:

  • Spotlight Your GPT Creation: Get your GPT discovered, and even featured. You might even start earning from it soon!

Creating Your GPT: A Quick Guide:

  1. Begin the Journey: Head to or click “My GPTs” in your profile.
  2. Craft Your GPT: Select “Create a GPT” and converse with the GPT Builder. Anything’s possible — from a tone-matching writing assistant to a code-savvy bot.
  3. Personalize: Name your GPT, add a compelling description, and equip it with abilities like web browsing or image creation.
  4. Launch and Share: Once ready, hit “Publish” to showcase your GPT to the world.

But Wait, There’s More!

Jumping into the GPT universe is thrilling, but figuring out the starting point can be tricky. Don’t sweat it, I’ve got the perfect solution for you — the ZenGPT Email Crash Course: Zero to Hero in 5 Days with Zero Coding.

A little backstory:

  • I’ve invested months in creating chatbots in GPT and Poe. The lessons learned are enough to fill an encyclopedia.
  • I’ve distilled this knowledge into the ZenGPT Framework, packed with unique insights and pro tips.
  • This course transforms you from from GPT Zero to GPT Hero in 5 days. Each lesson takes ~7 minutes to complete.

Excited to see what you’ll create! Stay tuned for more no-nonsense tips in the GPT universe.

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