How to Craft Presentations Clients Can’t Resist with ChatGPT

Kenneth Lo, PMP
2 min readNov 17, 2023


Picture this: you’re about to unveil your presentation to a prospect.

Feel that adrenaline rush? That’s the question of whether your message will cut through and stick.

What sets apart the forgettable from the memorable? It’s presentations that don’t just speak, but truly engage.

Here are 5 ways ChatGPT can transform your pitch into an irresistible client magnet.

Translate Data into Client-Focused Narratives

Drowning in data and not sure how to present it?

ChatGPT can be your anchor with this prompt:

“Using our Q3 sales data, create a comprehensive slide. Highlight products most relevant to our client’s industry, pinpointing features that align with their needs and preferences.”

This crafts a story speaking directly to the client’s core interests.

Perfecting Your Client-Centric Pitch

Every word in your pitch matters. To ensure it hits the mark, ask ChatGPT:

“Help me refine my presentation script. I want to emphasize the direct benefits our solutions offer, weave in testimonials from similar clients, and conclude with a strong invitation for collaboration.”

Your revised pitch? Tailored, persuasive, and client-focused.

Design Captivating Visuals Tailored for Clients

Effective visuals can be the clincher.

So, if design isn’t your forte, let ChatGPT guide you with:

“I need a visual slide layout. It should contrast our solution’s benefits versus competitors, particularly highlighting how clients can achieve better results using our product.”

Although ChatGPT can’t design the slide directly, it can give you a visual concept, which you can then bring to life using your preferred design tool (e.g., PowerPoint, Canva, etc.),

Master the Q&A Segment with Precision

Clients’ questions can be pivotal moments. Stay ahead with:

“Review my presentation content and predict potential questions clients might ask. Then, provide clear, concise answers that reinforce the value we bring.”

Now, you’re not just answering questions but reinforcing your pitch with each response.

Keep Your Presentation Fresh and Relevant

Clients appreciate current insights. To ensure relevancy, you might prompt:

“Examine our product offerings, cross-reference with today’s industry trends, and suggest updates or talking points that will resonate most with our target clients.”

This ensures your pitch is not just timely, but also ahead of the curve.

Wrapping Up…

Imagine leaving every client meeting with admiration and intrigue.

With ChatGPT, this isn’t a distant dream but an attainable reality.

Dive deep, harness its potential, and let your presentations be the talk among clients.

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