AI’s Role in Corporate Training: From Tedious Videos to Targeted Learning Experiences

Kenneth Lo, PMP
2 min readOct 25


Corporate Training Videos: A Necessary Evil?

Have you enjoyed any mandatory video training lately?

It’s a common practice that’s eating up precious hours.

Sound familiar? It’s a universal challenge.

One-Size-Fits-All Frustration

Endless hours watching videos that may not even resonate.

Frustration grows, engagement drops, and the return on investment becomes more questionable by the minute.

Employees are often dazed and overwhelmed.

Enter AI’s Magic

Imagine transforming those hours of video content into concise, personalized learning experiences.

With AI-powered transcription, summarization, and tailored learning paths, you can accelerate understanding and empower your employees.

Almost as sweet as a free chair massage!

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Think of it as a professor holding office hours 24x7.

A chatbot, with the knowledge of all your training videos, ready to answer questions and guide learning.

It’s personal, it’s intelligent, and it’s always available.

Repurpose Videos to Amplify

Not just videos.

Turn that valuable content into cheatsheets, PDFs, slide decks, and more.

Your training materials become versatile assets, reaching more people in more ways, multiplying their impact.

Join the Revolution

Faster onboarding, tailored education, and meaningful growth — all through the magic of AI.

The corporate training landscape is shifting, and AI is leading the charge.

Ready to turn confusion into clarity, frustration into fulfillment?

Let’s chat about how AI can revolutionize your corporate training.

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