3 Ways To Maximize Your Data with ChatGPT’s Analytics Feature

Kenneth Lo, PMP
2 min readOct 30


Dreaming of seamless data insights?

A few months ago, OpenAI unveiled an exciting innovation: the Advanced Data Analytics feature for ChatGPT.

Some might remember it as the Code Interpreter.

Since its debut, it has already made waves in business analytics.

But what exactly does it offer?

In a nutshell, it allows you to perform tasks once you upload file formats like text, images, documents, code, data, audio, and video.

Missed the memo? It’s time to discover the AI-powered features that set this plugin apart!

1/ Data Visualization and Analysis

Before, raw data felt like reading hieroglyphs.

Now? Upload an Excel sheet and get visuals in minutes!

Advanced Data Analytics lets you easily visualize Excel and SQL data.

Plus, create charts from CSV data or let it sort your inventory. Pretty cool, right?

2/ Simplified Mathematical Problem Solving

Remember the times ChatGPT got confused with math problems?

Those days are history!

From basic arithmetic to complex equations, this plugin makes ChatGPT a math genius.

3/ Cost-Effective Data Analysis

In the past, gaining insights from data often felt like an exclusive club.

It meant investing time, effort, and money in analysts or complex software.

Now, with a ChatGPT Plus subscription, you get a virtual data analyst anytime you want!

Your Business and The Plugin

Imagine harnessing the power of this feature for your business.

Quick insights? Check.

Instant data visualization? Check.


Redefine your relationship with data. The Advanced Data Analytics offers unparalleled efficiency and insights for your business.

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